COVID 4/25/20

By Will Laurance on 06/30/2020


Happy #Caturday!

Live from quarantine it's Saturday Night Live!

Today is day 47 of my official self isolation. I have had up and down periods throughout. But things have most improved since I stopped paying attention to the news as much. It turns out if anything big happens I or my partner will know. And if not my coworkers, family, or friends will definitely know. And even glancing I know that Kayne is officially in the 3 comma club [0], drinking bleach is bad for you, and some states are relaxing closures.

Anecdotally social distancing continues to work. I have no primary COVID-19 connections. Infections remain 2nd degree or higher. In the last few days people have been wearing less masks in Austin (based on my observations only). I picked up brunch and ~20% of folks had masks. The others didn't. Unfortunately this is the type of behavior that might have negative consequences. One advantage of living pretty far South is a high UV index. The higher UV helps kill off viruses when they are in the air [1].

[0] [1]

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