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27 Mar 2019

Express Js Tutorial 2019

Express is a fun and minimal Node.js web app framework. What is a framework exactly? In Node.js, there is an http library. This library can be used on its own to make a HTTP client and a HTTP server. Express uses the HTTP server functionality to make writing HTTP apps easier.

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14 Sep 2018

Node Postgres Insert Multiple Rows

You might be wondering how to insert multiple rows into a table using Node Postgres. Most examples show adding only one row at a time. Some solutions recommend using a control flow library like async. But this technique is slow and inefficient because it uses too many connections or sends the queries one by one. Other solutions recommend using a heavyweight ORM, but this might require a significant rewrite of your application.

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01 Jan 2018

Growth Team Resources

Hi, my name is Will Laurance and I am a growth software engineer at CreativeLive. CreativeLive offers over 1500 class in photography, graphic design, crafting, business, and entrepreneurship. The current growth team started roughly a year ago in February 2017.

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28 Dec 2017

Slow Down - How I am avoiding Bitcoin Mania

Today I dropped my girlfriend off for her flight back to San Francisco. I'm here in Virginia two more days with my Parents. It was a blistering cold 20 degrees and a strong chilling breeze at the airport. I kissed my girlfriend goodbye and wished her a safe flight.

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06 Aug 2017

15 Dollar Bootstrapers Marketing Stack

I want to share my journey with marketing as a software developer. I am still a marketing novice but I've been able to collect close to 200 double opt-in subscribers who actually want to hear from me on a regular basis.

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26 Feb 2017

How to Find an Apartment in San Francisco

Finding apartments for rent in San Francisco is daunting. Especially if you aren't used to the prices and real estate market that we have here. And the cheaper the price the more competitive it will be. Finding a room share in San Francisco is all about being trustworthy, making a great first impression, and proving you can pay rent. Finding a room can be tough if you don't already know someone. In my experience competition goes down as you increase in the number of bedrooms from studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.

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11 Sep 2016

How to use transactions with node postgres

Transactions in computer programming are essential for data integrity. Transactions provide primitives for guaranteeing your query logic succeeds or fails gracefully. A transaction contains any number of statements. At any point you can rollback if an error occurs or your logic fail conditions trigger.

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20 Jun 2015

A New Start

It is a wonderful feeling to start a new chapter in life. Change is always a bit scary, but in my experience, the benefits always outweigh any interim anxiety created.

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08 Jan 2015

2014 - Lessons Learned

2014 was a great year. I grew my freelancing business, built some small products, and had fun. Here are three lessons I am taking with me in 2015.

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30 Jul 2013

node.js -e vs node.js -p

The difference between node -e and node -p is p will run the script through the interpreter and print the results. The -e will only evaluate the script. The time -e will print anything is if something writes to stdout or stderr.

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16 Aug 2012

NGINX redirect for multiple virtual hosts

If you want to redirect traffic to a different subdomain, you can add a rewrite clause into each of your server{} entries in /etc/nginx/sites-avaliable/default or where ever you keep your available sites located.

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11 Jul 2012

Node.js documentation app

I am currently working on a node.js documentation app similar to andnodejs. I really like andnodejs but the versions of node are not being updated with the app. But I figured why not just let the user choose which versions of node they would like to have installed. Nodoroid solves this problem by allowing the user to choose which version of the node documentation they have. It also supports having as many versions as you would like. The view of docs will be in a similar manner to andnodejs.

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