Sourdough: overall 6.5/10 on taste. With some butter and salt it was decent. But overall this is my best bread bake.

COVID - I've tuned out for my mental health. I'm honestly falling apart in different ways. I can't tell if the always on mentality burned me out. Or staying away from the actual has caused this lull. Never the less we go on. Sleep could be better. Overall the mentality is wanting to open America back up for business. But moving back to normal so quick can cause a reinfection ramp.

Cappuccino - I've acquired a decent machine and I'm trying my hand at being a barista. Just today I successfully textured milk on purpose. Next time I need to bring the temperature up a bit. For the espresso, I'm definitely under extracting the shot. I think I need finer espresso. I've been able to pull a proper extracted shot but I don't know the variable. In general I want to pull for 30 to 35 seconds through 20g of grounds. I learned a lot from [0]

Food - Many take out restaurants are open and I want to support them. But I know I risk them and myself and my family each time I go out. Same for grocery stores. I really wish these companies would provide their employees with gloves and masks. A local sushi restaurant did the best with their pickup experience. They have numbered spots that you register when you arrive with your spot number. The employee brought over my order and was wearing a protective mask and gloves. It was zero touch and executed well. I think any place with a decent size parking lot should be using this approach. Especially here in Texas were there is a lot of room.

Therapy - While I don't like to make the details of my therapy sessions public I don't mine talking in general. I've had success with EMDR. But the solution we tried for remote therapy was buggy and visually not good. So we used a YouTube video instead. EMDR uses light moving side to side with noise. The patient follows this light with their eyes, without moving their head. The therapist monitors and controls the length of each interval. With the youtube only solution it was difficult to sync. So I created a glitch app that syncs two of these videos together. The play/pause and playback rate sync between clients. The therapist creates a unique session and the patient joins. It's not secure, but the link that is generated is difficult to guess. [1]. I'm hoping we can try it out this week.

[0] [1]