I saw reports in the US that the spread might be slowing down in certain areas. That's great news but I'll believe it when I see it. For I assume that the larger picture is less prone to data distortion.

Siri, what is exponential growth?

This data is current as of April 4th. I hope the slope of this curve lessens soon. The US hospital system is not equipped to handle this.

End of day we did see less new cases reported. This is two to three weeks after many stay at home orders. So likely we are seeing those effects. Another factor is testing speed and capacity. I can't find the data but I have to imagine we are doing a lot of tests. And we don't get results for a few days. So it's hard to know when those tests were taken.

Work is going pretty well all things consider. I feel fortunate to have a job and the ability to work from home. I got some sunshine today which put me into a better mood.

Eleanor, our new kitten, is growing like a weed. She's very playful, nice, and smart. Her only downside is her punctuality at 5am each morning.

Sourdough is still bubbling. I added another cup of water and flour last night. We are still on target for a Wednesday evening bake. I'm thinking of using this recipe. [0]