I acquired some active yeast at the store yesterday. With it I started a sourdough starter. 2 cups water. 2 cups flour + ~.25 ounce of yeast. Within 1-hour it bubbled out of the container so I moved it to a bowl. I have baked bread in a bread machine. But never directly in the oven. I'm following this starter recipe [0]

I'm not sure what recipe I'll follow when it's time to back. The starter should be primed by Wednesday 4/8/20.

COVID wise not much changed here. I purposely tuned out a bit to regain some sanity. Got to make it for the long haul. Today was difficult for me mood wise. It's been a bit gloomy here and I just feel like I'm stuck. I really need to get out for a run.

I've been watching this terrible show called Containment. It's about a fictitious viral outbreak in Atlanta, Georgia. The acting is not great. Our current pandemic watched this and said, "Hold my beer". At this point I have two episodes left so I'll suffer through to feed my need to finish something...