What a long few days. Covid-19 is affecting my 2nd degree networks now. Both in death and in hospitalization. Shit is about to get really real for a lot of people. Personally I'm hanging in alright. But I worry about my family in other parts of the country that only recently started taking this seriously.

The President has many faults and has done some things OK in this crisis. One thing he's really messed up is promoting a drug treatment that showed some decent recents in a study on less than 60 people. The data is not significant yet. I agree it should be tried on the worst cases in hospitals. But our President essentially told the entire country this could work but also not work. Nobody should listen to his medical advice.

The government is still finalizing the stimulus bill. But will any amount of money help with the trajectory of the death toll and unemployment. Never mind the fact we still know little about the novel coronavirus. We don't know if it's seasonal. We do know it's zoonotic, meaning it passes between people and animals. This usually makes it difficult to contain.

My understanding is a lot of scientists and researchers are working around the world to figure this out. So I have confidence we'll know more in the coming months.

We are at best 2 months out from this peaking based on current data. So hold on.