Never struggle with Node.js, PostgreSQL, or Express.js again.

Decouple yourself from the ORM and build a scalable and maintainable Express.js application.

If you've enjoyed any of my Node.js PostgreSQL posts, you're going to love what I'm working on.

I am teaching everything I know about building an e-commerce application using Node.js, PostgreSQL, Express.js, Stripe, and Dokku.

Benefits of this project:

  • Observe my system design process to develop your own.
  • Learn the pros and cons of ORMs and why using something easy isn't always simple.
  • Master and scale PostgreSQL connection pools.
  • Discover best practices for error handling in Express.js middleware.
  • Learn using Node version 10, async/await patterns, and PostgreSQL 10.
  • Explore Stripe Checkout and build a functional e-commerce checkout system similar to Gumroad.

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About the Author

What's up! I'm @wlaurance, Senior Software Engineer and host of the Ten Minutes to 10K Podcast.

I teach everything I know on this blog and in my workplaces.