COVID-19 is exponentially growing in the United States. The US is under a national emergency and a few cities like San Francisco have a mandatory shelter-in-place. The Trump administration announces a 850 billion dollar stimulus package. The stock market reacts positivity, but futures are quickly back down.

While I hate it, I stocked up on some $SPX puts, $VIX calls, and various put options on travel industry related stocks. Those should counteract some loses.

I've been inside for a while. These last two days have been the longest.

Food wise we are OK for a couple weeks. But who knows what will happen afterwards.

Overall people are social distancing. I walk around the block each morning and everyone keeps a good distance apart ~50ft.

I worry about my mother who is an ER paramedic. So far two patients have passed away from respiratory failure in her hospital.

It's been difficult to work but I am thankful I am working. My heart is torn for the 4 million restaurant/service works who've been laid off [0]. We are hearing warning that if our government, specifically the senate, doesn't act quickly we could go to 20% unemployment. The last time we surpassed this amount was the Great Depression.

This situation is massive. And it hasn't even unfolded all the way.

[0] 4 million is an estimate from survey data.