Ten Minutes to 10K

11 Aug 2018

Developing a product and hoping it sticks isn't a strategy. There is a better way ( I think ).

Each podcast is about 10 minutes as I track my way through my year of hustle; my journey to my first $10k in product revenue.

Episode 1

Listen to how I got to here, built products that nobody used or wanted, and bashed my head against the wall.

auto generated transcript On this episode of ten minutes to ten k, talk about how i got to hear and, well, i wanted to start this podcast. So i'm a software engineer by trade went to college and have a degree in computer science i have been programing for about seven years or so so it's a you know i've reached money ten thousand our point and pretty good at it learning new skills like software engineering management that sort of stuff but i want more and during my consulting days i would split my time between consulting at a decent rate roughly seventy five, two hundred bucks an hour kind of trying to buy my time and then i would work the rest of the time on crazy product ideas i built a ap that told you when you should buy gas be son oil future prices that i got from government database and all the stuff like just crazy things that i i just pulled out of my ass really you know there's just all these things and you know i stumbled upon a few things i wrote android app that had documentation for node programming language app took off i mean i think it has five to ten thousand downloads it's broken and for some reason i just i won't pick that up and i and i don't know why i really need to do that because i have some awesome ideas for it so just been working on these ideas kind of mindlessly i moved out to san francisco about three years ago and i thought all this would just change i thought i would come here and meet people and be inspired and and go to meet ups and meet founders and meet invest astors and like it would work just like like in the movies they're in the books where you just come up with an amazing idea and you build it and people fucking love it and guess what like inning those homers out of the park is just nuts i mean even mark zuckerberg tested well, i don't want to dive too much enough but yeah like even he started small so when i got here i started going tio lean startups movement read the book went to this lean startup circle for a couple months on we would just we would split up into groups and talk about topics and like i started to think everyone there was just had no idea what they were doing like some people had successful businesses and stuff and it was fun to learn from their experience but other people who are trying to get started or just like it was just like they're bashing their head against the wall at least that's what i thought and i felt like that's what i was doing so it made me very discouraged and very burnt out on on things, you know, kind of fast forward a little bit i continued working my full time job and drew inspiration from there you know, i started reading about be toby sales and all this sort of stuff and and still i like, i just started, i just couldn't stop myself from building products without seeing if anybody wanted the damn thing. Before i built it, i started building this thing called ssl pager, based on one event where are one of our ssl certificates at work went expired, like early in the morning. It was like on club front, it was just we forgot and lesson learned. But, you know, like we said, a calendar reminder and and as a product idea, i scribbled down like something they could monitor. Listen, it could still be a good idea. It could still have potential, but i never, never actually validated that kind of fast forward a little bit. In the last month, i've started talking with my friend brian again, specifically about this idea, and he kind of poked and prodded a little bit, and one thing he did. We did ah, coaching session together and really just help me realized that this wasn't the best way to be spending my time, especially given that i hadn't i researched or anything. So that's, really. And kind of coincidentally, something that i had signed up for. Probably a year prior was the thirty by five hundred program. By amy hoi and alex hellman. Roughly. I mean, i've heard it about this product for a couple years. Now. I've heard of amy probably back in twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen. So i had known of this thing for a long time. And i never knew really what it was, and i really started digging, and i read and watched everything i possibly can about the thirty maybe not everything, but as much as i could find right now, but for the thirty by five hundred course, so anything that they've given away for free blawg post videos, the students who have written posts and tutorials and videos about the topic. And, you know, what i've learned is that i have been doing customer development and and the lean startup and it's, just not the right framework for coming up with ideas and seeing if there's a viable business product. So that's, really, when i started digging back through the stuff that i do have cooking because the thirty by five hundred really recommends that you find an audience, and really what i found is amy hoy's year of hustle, cici, which was like a long pdf of, like a multi step process for getting to ten k of product sales, and this is kind of your first product that you've ever sold on and that's kind of really the inspiration for this podcasts. I want to do roughly ten minute episodes to get to ten k s, so this is kind of documenting my journey through that process ? Yeah, what i haven't found is documented of this kind of transformation of what i'm calling bashing my head against the wall on building a products, never launching them, launching them, nobody shows up, and that is kind of the pain point. I'm sorry, that isn't kind of. That is the pain point of thirty, five hundred trying to solve. So my plan is to keep digging on my current audience. My vlog. I have a subscriber lists of about two hundred people, two hundred ten, i think, and they're all signed up. Thehe node, post grass, which sari via the category note post grass and i never thought that this was could turn into anything. I was just writing blogged persons of so it's kind of fortunate, that, eh, i have this in my back pocket the whole time, it's. Funny, because a lot of the times, i would downplay that this is potentially a thing that could actually work and be a really viable thing. And and now it is as i explore this method. So you have to do with this episode. Just wanted to kind of intro with this. Siri's is this's, my first podcast, so it's going to be very raw. Don't plan on doing much editing, because i don't have much time. But in the next episode, what i'm going to talk about is kind of the sale safari, plus thie audience discovery, and how the last, like three or four weeks have been so. Stay tuned, and i'll see you next time on ten minutes to ten k.

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