I want to sell products.

I was hesitant to sell more than a website, mobile app, or technical commodity. As a technician, how could I sell anymore?

The answer is I cannot.

To sell a product, I had to stop thinking like a technician.

A product gives my customer a feeling. A good feeling like trust, assurance, or happiness.

What is a product?

A product leaves my customer with a feeling. Yes, they walk away with a website, mobile app, or technical commodity. But always with a feeling.

The product is gold. Built with the sames components as steel and iron, but provides a good feeling.

So what makes a product gold instead of commodity steel?

Both are built from components: protons, neutrons, and electrons. The arrangement of gold components are different than steel*.

At the core are neutrons and protons. In this example, the product we are selling is a secure website. Neutrons and protons are SSL certificates, trust seals, and secure hosts. The electrons are the facts, feelings, and promises the nucleolus provides.

On their own, protons and neutrons are the commodities valuable in their own right. But the real value are the electrons that leave my customers feeling happy.

If I am to sell products, I have to package them as gold. Until this point, I'd never thought of packaging. I've been a proton pusher.

I want to give my customers the gold they are seeking.

This is how dubsoft levels up.

*Yes, I know gold is an economic commodity.