It is a wonderful feeling to start a new chapter in life. Change is always a bit scary, but in my experience, the benefits always outweigh any interim anxiety created.

For me, this new chapter started in late January 2015 when I began a week long road trip to relocate to Mountain View, California. After many years of accumulating stuff, I found it amazing that I was able to fit everything important to me in my two door car. Most important was the person sitting in the passenger seat, my wonderful girlfriend Christina. While the Bay Area will be amazing for my career, I am proud to say I moved here to be with the love of my life.

The next few months were rough as I adjusted to living in a new area, searched for a permanent residence, and battled some isolation and depression issues. It wasn't the first time that I'd ever felt lost and that my life's compass was spinning to find true north. I put irrational pressure on my girlfriend and friends because I just wasn't able to deal. I've never wanted to be someone's burden or issue, making asking for help difficult for me.

The last time I felt this lost, I stayed lost for several months, blazing a trail of self destructive behavior with alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy behaviors. This time I managed to keep one hand on the ground as I dangled from the edge of the rabbit hole. I was able to pull myself up by asking for help from my girlfriend and others.

This recovery gives me so much hope for myself and for my future. I am learning to recognize my personal warning signs quicker and able to ask for help when I need it.

Fast forward to the present, and I am now a resident of Oakland, California, home of the 2015 NBA Champions: the Golden State Warriors. I have an office space in Berkeley, California with an amazing view.

I think the most important thing I've learned over the past 5 months is to keep going, no matter what. Amazing things can and will happen when you take chances. As long as you learn, you never fail.