My Goals for 2014

40k-50k in Consulting fees.

Being back in business for myself is awesome. I set my own schedule and work as much I want. At $75/h, 667 billable hours are needed. This is good goal for me because I think it is realistic and achievable. It will also allow me to focus on my other goals. If you are reading this and want to work me, hit me up.


2014: 45K 2015: 78K

Build a Product

I have a larger product in the works that is cool, has a well established market, and brings flexibility as a feature.

I really want to build a dead simple app with a corresponding web-service. I need the feature set to be extremely small because I want to exercise the entire process in a month or so.

Construct Standing Desk The Desk!

At 5'10", my 90 degree elbow height is an even 45 inches. I am leaning towards the steel pipe standing desk from @jessicaspacekatt's blog post.

I'm budgeting for $250, but if I can find the counter top for {cheap,used,trash} I can have more extras for the desk.

Learn to surf

I'm savvy with skateboarding and snowboarding and hey I just moved to the beach.