Drink better coffee in 5 steps.

Brewed 8 oz. (237 mL) has 95-200 mg of caffeine

According to Mayo Clinic

My coffee is probably closer to the 200mg range.

Low cost, high quality foods are awesome.

Coffee and beer are of this category. For less than $20 dollars per unit, you can achieve the highest quality the human race has to offer. (Of course there are some exceptions, ex coffee that goes through the shitter can cost a pretty penny)

When I explain my coffee snob point of view, these are the 5 topics I cover.

1. Get the freshest coffee possible

With out fresh coffee, you are wasting your time with brewing techniques and high quality equipment.

Hands down I recommend BrewPony for fresh coffee. $30/mo gets you two awesome bags of coffee from a roaster in or near Portland, Oregon delivered to your mailbox less than a week after roasting.


2. Use a burr grinder

You want to shave the beans, not chop them. I bought this hand crank burr grinder from Amazon.


3. Use the correct grind for your apparatus

Use this helpful chart below. You can even purchase it if you like.

grind chart

4. Use a good apparatus

My personal favorite is the chemex. It does not get much better than the chemex experience.


5. Use the correct water temperature

Generally, 200F or 93C is the perfect temperature. Invest in a good electric kettle like the Bonavita 1-Liter.


Out of all these steps, 1. is the most important. But once you have the best coffee beans possible, steps 2 through 5 become very important!

Inspiration for this article is fueled by my coffee addiction and watching videos like this one from @mikeal.

Perfect Coffee from mikeal on Vimeo.