I am currently working on a node.js documentation app similar to andnodejs. I really like andnodejs but the versions of node are not being updated with the app. But I figured why not just let the user choose which versions of node they would like to have installed. Nodoroid solves this problem by allowing the user to choose which version of the node documentation they have. It also supports having as many versions as you would like. The view of docs will be in a similar manner to andnodejs.

In the spirit of node, this app is written in javascript using Appcelerator's titanium studio. I have used this framework for numerous apps on iOS but never for android. The only downsides are the size of the apk, and the boot time. It takes a few extra seconds for the V8 runtime to load. Other than this, the app performance on par with a traditional android app.

For the first release of the app I plan to have the node.js doc portion supported, with another tab for future NPM package search and stats. In the first release the NPM tab will have a feedback form so users can tell me exactly what they want from the NPM side of this app. I will be using appygram for feedback handling. Plan to see the first release of the app by late August 2012.