Standing Desk Accomplished

By Will Laurance on 06/24/2014


In April I blasted out some goals to accomplish this year.

I'm happy to announce I've completed the standing desk portion. While I did not construct an entire new desk, I now have a perfect 45" tall desk.

The desk is a Ranger Steel Four-Post B Combination drafting table built by Mayline in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This one is pretty old, but Mayline is still making them today. $1797 if you want the same size, 37.5" x 60".

Top View Desk

Mayline Tag

The table top originally stood at 38", so my Dad and I built four 12" x 12" x 7" blocks to give a sturdy seven inches of lift.

Desk with boxes

I'm very happy with setup. My future 70 year old back is thanking me so much.

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